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Iowa Wedding DJ Events Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids.

Let’s Dance! by talking.

CVDJS: The Iowa wedding DJ event company embraces your personality traits and style tastes.

Let’s talk: Your love story and vision of the day is the first step in the no obligation session. Bring the family & friends panel to interview me – TeX. Founded in 2018, CVDJS adapted to changes in technology, expanding from traditional wedding receptions to personalized “I Do”event day. CVDJS is committed to designing tasteful, unique, and original flair for you and your guest from “I do to dance exit.” Your wedding day is all about the love between each other and to showcase how much your family and friends mean to you. I listen to your ideas and plans to create the day with over 10 years of Iowa DJ host experience. The second step is commit to a sit down session for planning and choreographing the day.  I present helpful advice for improving the effectiveness of your ideas . Dream big! There are no rules in a celebration. The third step is performance. I handle all aspects of your event, I’m your guy and you will know from step one that I will be suited up and ready to rock the wedding. Executing all your wishes, working with your other Iowa wedding companies, and having the day look good, sound good, and feel great.

CVDJS – unique, creative, entertaining, simplified and stress free. So you can relax and party on.

“Premium Party Investment”


My name is Brian Ehler. I love creating wedding dances as DJTeX. Yes, I love weddings and all the sky high emotions, joyful memories, and good feelings.

My show style is a honest phrase – “Party On! Be a lot cooler if you did”

I have an ordinary life with three boys, one princess, and a wonderful wife, Kymm. I like the best drink ‘Shiner’, good food ‘taco’, and great people ‘family’. I’m blessed & grateful to perform at thousands of parties. Why Tex? Well… I’m a Texan in the cornfields of Iowa. Friends stamped the label on me in 1994. I don’t hide my simple nickname for a simple man. 25 years of DJ experience rocking dancefloors, nightclubs to radio stations, backyards to grand ballrooms, small barns to gigantic halls, skating rinks to wooden floor dancehalls. People are people, and each has a different vibe; nonetheless, all want a good time. As a seasoned expert on the mic, your guests will be engaged and energized to party. Your day will be unique and special too. You deserve more, ask for more. Iowa Wedding DJ Events Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids.

Seek a modern Iowa Wedding DJ experience for a once in a lifetime day.

You Deserve More – Iowa Wedding DJ Entertainment Excellence

Iowa Wedding DJ Events Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids.

Unforgettable modern wedding celebration.

Each event is special.

You deserve it.

Unique experience for your day.

Personalized wedding day is in reach.

The spotlight shines on your celebration of love.

Your wedding day is one of kind reception, different people, different styles, different personalities.

Expect more for your event.

Look good, Sound Good, Feel Great.

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